Welcome to Helpguide.XYZ, It is a free online guide dedicated to providing alternative solutions for good health using natural herbs and easily found kitchen ingredients. It also provides recommendations for diet and lifestyle along with the health tips for the common ailments.


Following some Asian countries & African nations, up to 75% of the population depends on conventional medication for their necessary human service’s needs. At the point when embraced outside of its customary society, the conventional solution is often called optional medicine. The conventional solutions incorporate Ayurveda, Unani, Old Iranian medication, Siddha pharmaceutical, Islāmic medicine, Irani, conventional Korean solution, Conventional Chinese prescription, Acupuncture, conventional African drug, Ifá, and Muti.


Natural elements and herbs are becoming very popular because they are simple to use, without any side effects, inexpensive, chemical free and due to their do-it-yourself techniques.


Helpguide.xyz dream to work for the wellness of people and our aim is to educate people towards creating a healthy and safe environment by providing essential health information using alternative treatments. Although the remedies provided by this site are safe and practical, it is advised to consult a health care expert in case of medical emergency or for any prolonged ailment.

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