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By | July 24, 2017

How to lose weight? Home remedies for predictive insights:

how to lose weight

There is no magical shortcut in this world about how to lose weight, people often tend to look for shortcuts to reduce the weight quickly, this can be harmful to your body. Researchers have proved that there are only two natural ways of reducing your weight, one is through committed exercise and another is the proper diet. If you’re wondering about losing your weight by engulfing supplements or medicines, then you’re giving the invitation to havoc. There are tons of natural remedies available in our world that acts as a catalyst if you are wondering about how to lose weight, one is regular exercise & the other is proper food. Home remedies work parallelly to the above prescribed two pillars of the weight loss.
Know your body’s metabolism and the processes involved Before beginning, you must have significant knowledge about your body. You must know that fat is stored in the human body in the form of proteins and carbohydrates. Calories are the basic units that are used to determine the energy in those fats.How to lose weight Our body converts those fat to usable energy through metabolic processes and if you still have any extra fat then it gets stored. This is the threshold point or a sole reason for your fat body. Determination plays a vital role in our weight loss decision, you must know how to lose weight and remain focused while handling your endeavors of weight loss. How to lose weight In this article, we will talk about the various best home remedies to lose the body fat, these remedies are practiced all over the globe and are the most effective.

1. Stop Dieting:

how to lose weight

There is a common myth that if you start dieting then you’ll surely encounter excess fat in your body and hence weight loss will happen.How to lose weight This theory is entirely wrong, in fact, if you follow dieting blindly it can cause much internal harm to you. If you are serious and you are wondering about how to lose weight then don’t consider dieting at all. Instead of skipping the food, make a diverse diet plan which ensures overall intake of essential vitamins and proteins.

2. How to lose weight to skip contents having Sugar & starch:

how to lose weight

This can be the most important home remedy when you’re tackling the excessive weight. Let’s go in a bit detail, Sugars and starch are responsible for stimulation of secretion of the insulin in your body. And you know what? Insulin is the vital hormone which stores fat in our body. Let’s imagine a scenario, if insulin goes down, fat can easily get out of the Insulin storage chambers and our body starts burning the fat faster. How to lose weight There is yet another intriguing benefit of lowering Insulin in your body, your kidneys shed unnecessary sodium out of your body which is great for you. The water weight of our body also gets reduced by this process. You can lose up to 10 pounds of weight in the first week of eating this way i.e. without sugar & starch. Just cut the carbs and ensure a lower insulin in your body, you’ll start eating fewer calories and hence weight will surely reduce in a purified organic way.

3. Never ignore essential proteins, Fats, and Veggies:

how to lose weight According to experts, each meal of yours must include a protein & fat source and a low carb-veggie respectively.How to lose weight If you form your meal in this manner then this will inevitably reduce your carbohydrate intake, the average safe range for carbo intake is 21-50 grams per day.
Sources of essential protein:
Meat such as Beef, Chicken, Lamb and more; Fish and Seafood can be a great option for protein intake; Eggs are the easiest pillar for meeting your protein demands, pastured eggs are best to serve your purpose. Eating sufficient proteins have proven to be the best way to boost the human metabolism, on average it’ll boost your metabolism by 90-95 calories per day. There is commendable evidence about a theory that if you eat a high protein food, then you think 65% lesser about eating more in a day.How to lose weight When it comes to how to lose weight, protein can the best of the nutrient.
Low-car veggies such as Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Cauliflower, Lettuce and more are the vital source of the protein. You must not get afraid in including these in your everyday diet. You can eat a humongous number of low-carb veggies and still remain in the feasible limit of 20-50 carb per day, which is a great fact. How to lose weight A diet planned over meat & veggies having all the essential fibers and vitamins is what you need to stay healthy and promote excessive weight loss from your body.
Fat sources: Fat sources such as Olive oil, Avocado oil, Butter and more are the main source of the medium-chain glycerides i.e. MCT’s. The best example is the coconut oil, it can be regarded as the best cooking fat for us. Coconut oil fat is a great fulfilling option than others in terms of boosting the metabolism.How to lose weight You don’t need to get afraid of natural fats, according to the latest research, saturated fats don’t lead to heart sickness risks at all.

4. How to lose weight with Cinnamon Tea:

how to lose weight

As we talked before, sugar in your body has a direct impact on your body’s weight. The sugar affects how hungry or how much energetic you are in a day. If your blood’s sugar has been balanced then you may likely to have a body which will be utilizing the fat to the utmost stage rather than just storing it.
The recipe to weight loss: Use 1 Tsp of grinned cinnamon with around 8 ounces of water, place one cinnamon stick in a jug full of hot water and cover the lid.How to lose weight  Wait for 15 minutes, and serve hot. Repeat this technique once or twice in a day & you will see significant changes.

5. How to lose weight with Ginger and Green Tea:

how to lose weight

There are three main components in your revolutionary green tea, one is theanine, other is catechins and the last one is caffeine. Caffeine provides an overall boost to your metabolism, Catechins has been referred as an antioxidant flavonoid, these are present in larger amounts in the Green tea than the Black tea. Catechins are believed to help our body lower the absorption of the fats, that happens from the duodenal track of the human body. How to lose weight Theanine is a revolutionary amino acid present in a hot cup of your Green tea, which promotes the release of Dopamine. Dopamine is that chemical which makes us feel happy and it also relaxes us. The Green Tea prepared with Ginger will boost your digestion process.

6. How to lose weight with Rose Petal Water:

how to lose weight

There is an array of anecdotal evidence available favoring the benefits of Rose petal water. Those beautiful Rose petals act as a diuretic for our body, they encourage our kidneys to release more salt or sodium in our urine. The excess sodium outlet promotes drawing of water out of your body and hence it decreases the excessive water circulating in our body. How to lose weight This process leads us to drink more water and keep our system fresh and clean. Staying hydrated can is proportional to your success for weight loss.

7. How to lose weight with Ginseng:

how to lose weight

Ginseng can be any one plant amidst 11 perennial plants on our planet, it has fleshy roots. The American Ginseng (botanical name: Panax) is the best that you must use to speed up your lethargic metabolism. How to lose weight Another top-notch quality of the Ginseng is that it boosts the energy of our body by fighting fatigue. It also promotes mental awareness of the human body.

8. Add water:

how to lose weight

If you’re serious about losing the weight, then you need to stay hydrated. It is one of the most imperative parts of your entire weight loss procedure. You might hear one tangible theory that Ice-cold water promotes the weight loss, right? Well, it is because our body starts warming it once we drink ice cold water. In other words, our body puts energy in doing it. Well, the main fact is that you need to stay hydrated if you want your body to function smoothly. Drinking water will cause flushing harmful contents out of your body and it will lead to curbing the appetite too.

9. Rely on fresh Sages:

how to lose weight

The human body isn’t meant to handle constant stress and pressure. In our hectic lives, we all are stressed about something, there is no doubt in that. Stress can affect the weight gain or loss process of our body drastically. Human body releases a hormone called Cortisol, it falls under the category of Steroid hormones. It imparts consecutive growth the Fat tissue, it also brings a significant increase in the appetite. Sage can be a great way to fight the stress, including fresh sages in your diet can be a great way of calming your body and mind too. A hot freshly prepared Sage tea can be your defense from stress. Around a gram of Sage is added to 8 ounces of boiling water, you may also add Lemon to it.

10. How to lose weight with Blend of Yogurt and Honey:

how to lose weight

Mixing honey can be the best morning snack. The probiotic rich yogurt is divine for your digestive system. Yogurt also balances the gut flora which is vital for digestion optimization. The process will also promote the significant cessation of fat. When your digestive system is running fine, you processing power increases which in turn increases your mental satisfaction. Mixing 1-1/2 cup of low-fat yogurt with 1 tablespoon of honey can significantly boost your whole weight loss process.

11. How to lose weight with Getting Enough Sleep:

how to lose weight

Humans need sleep, our bodies are designed in a cohesive system. We are having a complex system inside us, every part of human body is required to work tunefully for a balanced life. According to the researcher, if your sleep has been deprived a little even for a mere span of 5 days, your body’s insulin resistance increases. The sensitivity of fat cells to the insulin also gets dropped by over 35% when you don’t get enough sleep. By giving your body a right amount of sleep, you are making sure that all of your systems are running fine.

12. How to lose weight with Black Pepper & Lemon:

how to lose weight

A specialized drink containing lemon & black pepper can do wonders for your body. It acts like a catalysts and places you way ahead of your weight loss campaign. The radical Black Pepper has a fruitful compound known as piperine which is the sole reason for its pungent aroma. Studies have shown that piperine can influence the genes that are linked to your fat cells.How to lose weight  It affects the generation of fat cells in human body and hence it may reduce the fat levels. On the other hand, Lemon juice aids in digestion and helps our stomach in better breakage of compounds. Blend fresh lemon juice with grounded pepper and some water, drink this once or twice daily and see the significant results.

13. How to lose weight with  An apple a day:

how to lose weight

There is a famous saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, in the similar fashion an apple a day boosts your system by providing sufficient fiber. It also helps to curb the appetite, you can always consider eating an apple when you’re feeling like having something.How to lose weight  Apples are great when it comes to regulating the sugar levels in the Blood. There is a magical substance available in the apples, it’s the pectin. Pectin helps in lowering the cholesterol in your body and it also helps in slowing down the absorption of the carbohydrates. In the end, apples are lower in sodium that is they prevent the excessive retention of water in your body.

14. How to lose weight with Chocolate- the Savior:

how to lose weight

Our body lusts for sweet treats, whenever you feel like this have a dark chocolate. Chocolate has the flavonoids that can reduce the insulin resistance in your body.How to lose weight There are healthy fats present in dark chocolate, which can slow down the absorption of sugar contents in our blood. Eating dark chocolate can stop the craving for sugar, salt, and even fat. It is recommended that dark chocolate must contain 70% cocoa otherwise it is not beneficial.

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